Update #36 Beta!

We’re proud to announce that we’re officially going into “beta!” So our Kickstarter Beta backers will be able to start playing soon! We’re excited about this milestone as it brings us one step closer to our grand opening, Early Access.

We’ve also worked on two important improvements to the building and furniture system that we think will add a lot to how you build and furnish your hotel, which you can read about below.

But first, we would also like to announce that we will be a part of Steam Next Fest  (June 16- June 22). There will be a public demo available during this time for everyone to try out a limited version of the game and we will be doing a developer live stream where we will be playing Hotel Magnate and answering questions. Join us on our livestream at 10am PST on the 17th  (7pm CEST)

We look forward to sharing and discussing the game with you!

Improvements to Building & Furniture:

We began working on two major improvements to the building and furniture systems that will help the player to design more beautiful and unique hotels.

Freeform Object Placement

We’re working on a Freeform Object Placement/Manipulation system that will give the player much finer control when designing their hotel. A player will be able to control the rotation, scale, and position of an object. Your imagination is the limit!

Improved Building System

Over the last few months, we have received a lot of feedback about the building system and some of its shortcomings. Specifically the inability to connect an angled wall to a straight one without it snapping to a “segment”.

Old System

Building Issue

Upcoming System

Improved Building

This was also a problem when placing windows/doors. The window/door will snap to a segment that stops the player from placing it where they truly want to. We are making good progress on removing these issues and making the building system a much better experience overall

Beta for Kickstarter Backers!

Beta is finally opened for our Beta Tier backers who supported us during our Kickstarter! Below is the steps that are needed to be taken for supporters that backed our Kickstarter tier that included the “Beta” reward:

  1. Go to www.crytivo.com 
  2. If you have not registered previously, for the login use your email that you used for the kickstarter 
  3. Click Reset Password. 
  4. Check your email for the password reset link 
  5. Log in with a new password 
  6. Locate the game in your Games Library, click on it and download it.

We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback on our Discord Channel!

If you didn’t back us during our Kickstarter, for a limited time only you will be able to purchase access to the Beta from our publisher’s website at:  https://crytivo.com/en/hotel-magnate  

Bug Fixes!

No one wants bugs in their hotel! And we’ve been working hard to squash them. Saving and loading are now very stable, restaurants & kitchens work as intended, and we have improved our guest animations and activities. 

Read about all the changes and fixes we have made in our changelog below.



  • Added in a placeholder/generic food plate for the restaurant/kitchen activities
  • Waiters now go and take a guests order at the restaurant
  • Guests will now ‘soil’ themselves if they can’t find a toilet
  • The door/window preview now has the same blue glow as the walls
  • Added a pre-built hotel to the main menu that allows the player to start with an already functioning hotel
  • The Hot Tub activity is now working
  • A whole series of small UI improvements/tweaks and added animations 
  • Certain furniture is now affected by maintenance, requiring a janitor to fix them periodically
  • Guests will now choose from a bigger range of activities when they have nothing to do, instead of just walking around
  • Cleanliness & maintenance levels now affect the sale price of furniture
  • Poorly maintained furniture can now destroy itself
  • Added a whole series of new textures to Guests & Staff
  • Guests and staff now choose from a larger pool of names
  • Guests now inspect their room after checking in
  • Added in a range of new wall/floor textures
  • A restaurant will now auto-link itself to a kitchen
  • The restaurant’s food menu is now managed from the restaurant’s facility screen and no the kitchen’s
  • Guests now have a good experience when their room is “comped” to them
  • Game Music has now been added (Streamers Beware! Playing this music may result in copyright strikes)
  • Using Ctrl + Click while placing furniture allows the player to place multiple pieces of furniture without having to reselect it
  • Guests will now use the Bar Facility
  • Guests should now prioritise using cleaner furniture over dirty ones
  • Added New Staff uniforms (Bartender, Masseuse, Waiter)
  • Added a whole series of new animations and eating VFX
  • Added a few items for characters used during animations (book, broom, frying pan)



  • Fixed an issue with floor painting not working with certain hotkeys
  • Changes to the loading screen style
  • Adjustments to how a hotel is loaded that improves performance
  • Fixed issue where the sunlight wasn’t always aligned to the actual time in-game
  • Doors now don’t animate while the game is paused
  • Characters now won’t load while in t-pose
  • Building a new window/door won’t repaint the adjacent walls to the default color anymore
  • Objective progress is now properly saved/loaded. Stopping the player from having to re-do each objective
  • Guest Reviews, Bedroom categories & campaigns have now had several saving/loading issues fixed
  • Fixed an error when placing a vending machine
  • Fixed issues when an object that is in use, breaks from low maintenance
  • Adjusted the prices of some furniture items
  • Fixed an error sometimes occurred when deleting doors
  • Made some tweaks in how we determine how much of the hotel should be occupied (Guest Spawning)
  • Fixed issues with how staff order reservations are handled (How a staff member reserves a piece of furniture for a task) This is related to a series of small issues we have been finding in the restaurant/kitchen facilities
  • Fixed an issues where marketing campaigns were not properly taking effect
  • Fixed the locating of facilities when using the locate button from the alerts menu bar
  • Fixed an issue with the massage activity playing the incorrect animation
  • Fixed issues where the sales in a facility were not being properly displayed in the budget menus
  • We now display a more accurate Emoji on the guest reviews
  • Fixed issue with Guests getting stuck sitting at the restaurant indefinitely
  • Furniture no longer snaps through walls

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