Update #35

The time since our last update has seen another slew of bug fixes, performance upgrades, new art assets, and a few new features. Heck, we even added the basis for a bunch of new AI activities.

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Dirtiness & Maintenance

We decided it was time to get a little dirty. When a guest or staff member uses certain objects like couches, stoves, or dining tables its maintenance level decreases. So, you’ll need to hire a janitor to keep things clean. 

Dirty appliances can decrease the quality of any food/drink produced there and it will even increase the likelihood of a critical failure like fire. Keeping your furniture and machinery well maintained will be a key factor in running your hotel empire.

Dirty or unmaintained furniture will be more likely to give a guest a negative experience when used. And in addition to that, the overall cleanliness of a room is also tracked. For example, if a guest is at a clean table but all other tables in the room are dirty it will still affect their experience. So make sure your rocking resort doesn’t turn into a dirty dive too quickly!

A different type of ‘mess’ has also been implemented. If guests are unable to make it to the bathroom in time, they will end up soiling themselves and leaving a big mess on the floor for some unfortunate janitor to clean up. This system will eventually be expanded to include vomit and other messes that guests will create like general rubbish.

New AI Activities

We added a bunch of new guest and staff activities. Guests can now get a massage at the spa, go gambling, go to the gym and relax on couches in the lobby or any public areas in the hotel. Staff will now give massages, attend the poker tables, and will periodically clean facilities/furniture and repair machinery.

New Art Assets

As with previous months, we have been adding new art assets into the game. These include new floor textures, kitchen assets, rugs, decorative walls & fences, paintings, casino objects, & garden beds/boxes.


We continue to polish and squash bugs. Below is a list of the majority of these changes.

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  • Introduced a new noncollisional furniture type that allows the player to place certain objects “inside” other objects. These include items like rugs or columns and will eventually be expanded to include more modular decorative items that the player could use to create unique shapes/decorations
  • New AI activities: Gambling, Massage, Exercise, Relaxing, Cleaning, Repairing & Soiling Self
  • Range of new furniture items and furniture item reworks
  • New floor/wall textures + removal of some older textures that don’t fit art style
  • Staff hiring menu will now open and filter for the first needed staff type of the facility you opened it from
  • A series of UI fixes: Adding in more tooltips, tidying up save game/load game menu
  • Made balancing adjustments to how some needs are increased/decreased
  • When placing furniture, after rotating the object the next object you place or when you move that object, it will use the same rotation


Bug Fixes:

  • Guests now pay for their rooms
  • Default room price for a bedroom category not displaying has been fixed
  • Fixed issue where an objective will complete when reception desk is placed outside of the reception facility
  • Fixed an issue where multiple & incorrect rewards would show up on the completed objectives reward popup
  • Bedroom Category’s average quality slider now updates correctly
  • Fixed an issue where guest experiences weren’t showing up in the guests review
  • Fixed some issues where guests were not calculating experiences correctly, resulting in mostly negative experiences
  • Fixed some animation issues where characters were facing the wrong direction and using the incorrect animations
  • Room income is now correctly updated in the Room/Facility UI menus
  • Fixes to the main menu budget panel not displaying certain expenses
  • Fixed issues where deleting a facility or furniture item related to the current objective/alert wouldn’t update the UI/popup
  • When locating a facility, the camera will now move to the same location instead of choosing a random position inside that facility each time
  • Some fixes that stop guests from accessing areas they aren’t supposed to have access to
  • The player’s cash is now serialised correctly
  • The players progress with the games objectives is now serialised correctly
  • Some fixes to the bug report form system where we suspect some reports are not being sent correctly

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