Update #37: Customisation!

Hotel Magnate Update

It has been a busy time since our last update post, we took a lot of feedback from our QA testing and free demo and have been hard at work. Along with a huge amount of small improvements and bug fixes we also added a progression system, furniture colouring, advanced furniture movement, new furniture items, new windows/doors, music and improved the building system further.

Furniture Colouring

The feature that has been most requested is now ready! You can colour nearly every single piece of furniture whatever colour you want. This gives you the option of drastically changing how a piece looks and feels.

Furniture Colouring

New Furniture/Windows

In this update we have added a whole bunch of new furniture along with lots of new windows and doors (including double doors) that you are also able to colour. These will hopefully give players a whole lot more choice in the type of hotels they can create and we look forward to seeing what people come up with!

Classical Set

Progression System

We were finding that a lack of a progression system was leading to long moments of nothing to do in your hotel. Without a goal or series of goals you would end up spending a lot of time just waiting for money to accumulate.
So we decided to implement a series of requirements to reach each Hotel Star Rating. They usually include a facility (like a restaurant) and for you to have received mostly positive guest reviews from your last 10-15 guests.

Each new Hotel Star Rating level gives new guest types and unlocks new furniture of higher qualities. New guest types have different sets of needs and you will need to adapt your hotel to suit any new guests that will arrive, for example you will need to upgrade your bedrooms with some of the new unlocked furniture. We look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback on this system!


Furniture Filtering

Another highly requested feature we have implemented is the ability to filter the furniture selection menu. You can now find that specific item you have been looking for faster than ever. This system includes a way to find furniture via categories, adding tags to filter by or by searching an item.


v0.7.16 Update

We have just pushed a new version v0.7.16 for all our backers and fans to enjoy. As mentioned above this includes the new progression system, many bug fixes and new items. Below is a list of most of the changes and fixes that have been included.



  • Hotel Star Ratings now have more requirements
  • Nearly all furniture is only unlocked once your reach the Hotel Star Rating that is equivalent to the furniture items quality (3 star beds unlock at the 3rd Hotel Rating)
  • Bedroom Categories and Pricing have been removed. 
  • The price/rate of a bedroom is now pre-determined by what type of guest books it. 
  • Bedrooms now have a set of requirements to determine what star level a bedroom is. Guest Types will only book bedrooms that fir their Star level
  • Most furniture can now be coloured/customised
  • An advanced movement tool was introduced allowing for more micro adjustments of furniture
  • Can now exit the placement of furniture/walls and exit a tool by pressing right-click
  • Can now multi-place furniture and other items by using Ctrl + Left Click
  • Can now duplicate furniture items
  • Advanced Furniture Placement
  • Improved Wall/Window Placement System
  • Improved Controls/Inputs
  • Added a more thorough Controls menu


Bug Fixes:

  • Wall deletion tool issues have been fixed
  • Some issues with restaurant system have been fixed
  • Fixed issue where the bar remained dirty after cleaning
  • Fixed issue where painted tiles on the outside of the hotels were missing after loading a save
  • Fixed a series of saving/loading issues 
  • The current speed of the game is now shown by greying out the selection for that speed
  • Fixed issues where tooltips don’t always display text
  • Fixed issues where some of the objectives took far too long to achieve or didn’t recognise that it had been achieved
  • Fixed an issue with furniture placement being interrupted by already existing furniture

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