Update #34: February

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Hello Fellow Magnates! This was a month of polish and bug fixing! Last month we ended up delaying our latest version (v0.6.1) so that we could fix a few bugs surrounding serialization. As a result of our testing, we identified a whole bunch of other features that needed polishing and fixing. Along with these fixes, we also began implementing a lot of the new furniture assets we have been posting in the last couple of months


While most of this last month’s work focused on small fixes, we were able to begin implementing the new artwork which we have been showcasing on our discord and Twitter recently. This is the culmination of our efforts to reshape the game’s art style and direction.

AI Improvements:

We have had a lot of small AI improvements and bug fixes but also a few big improvements as well. The first being how guest needs increase/decrease, Guests will now sleep at more realistic times (night-time) and won’t go do activities (like take a shower or use the toilet) until the threshold for that need is reached. Guests and staff will now also display an emoji showing how they feel about something they just did, ate, or interacted with. This should help the player identify if there is anything that is causing their guests to be unhappy

Bug Fixes:

This last development cycle saw the largest amount of bug fixes yet. We developed a couple of different debugging tools that helped us accomplish this.  We’re now able to record the exact actions taken when building walls/rooms. We also added a temporary console command menu where you can enable a debug mode and get access to more backend information for guests/staff in live builds. These tools will help us better manage our workflow as we continue to improve on systems. You can check out our changelog below.


If you have any questions, feedback or just want to talk please join us on our discord! And don’t forget to Wishlist us on Steam if you haven’t already


New Furniture

  • New “Blue Moon” Set
    • Bar
    • Variety of restaurant tables
    • Host Stand
  • New “Diner” Set
    • Variety of restaurant tables
    • Host Stand
  • New “Basic Diner” Set
    • Variety of restaurant tables
  • New “Pink Dream” Bathroom Set
    • Toilet
    • Sink
    • Bath
    • Shower
  • 2 New receptions
  • Jukebox
  • Massage Table + Stand
  • 2 New Sets of Couches
  • 4 New Beds + revamp of Old Beds
  • 12 New Paintings/Frames

New Wall/Floor Textures


  • Fixed some staff pay-related issues (staff can become unhappy/happy depending on their pay)
  • Guests/Staff now spawn more spaced out instead of on top of each other
  • Fixed Spa attendant behavior not working
  • Decreased the speed at which needs increase at
  • Guests are much more likely to sleep at night/appropriate times
  • Guests now use the correct minimum quality in evaluating their rooms and experiences
  • Characters now display emojis above their heads to communicate their current mood/experience
  • UI
  • Guest/Staff Activities now display a more user-friendly name instead of a backend one
  • Alerts/Objectives now animate open/close/hover
  • Alert/Objectives sizing and color fixes
  • Staff UI now displays an emoji representing their happiness 
  • Guest UI now displays an emoji representing their mood
  • There is now a popup that tells the player when they have completed an objective and gives a reward
  • Player can now zoom the camera much closer 
  • General UI fixes (sounds, animation, sizing)


Bug Fixes

  • Saving/loading
    • Fixed issue where guests are not selectable after loading
    • General Saving/Loading bugs
    • Increased Stability
  • Showing the correct amount of stars for an average rating of previous meals
  • Fixed issue with building walls on outer edge causing errors
  • Fixed an instance of the bug where the ground/flooring breaks
  • Fixed an issue where you could not overwrite a save
  • Made furniture reachability a factor in whether a facility is functioning or not. (A kitchen with its equipment being inaccessible will now be ‘nonfunctioning’)
  • Fixed Maintenance person not spawning correctly (missing body parts and stuck in the carpark)
  • Fixed pausing/unpausing issues where leaving some UI menus would unpause the game when the player had previously set it to be paused
  • Cant place furniture on Guests or Staff now
  • Reduced the speed of the max fast forward to help prevent issues with characters pathfinding at that speed
  • Fixed issues where you couldn’t filter the furniture selection menu
  • Fixed UI issue where you couldn’t close the furniture moving menu with “ESC”
  • Fixed some guests having two “guest types”
  • Fixed Guests leaving earlier than they should
  • Fixed Guests using the incorrect stay length
  • Fixed an issue where guests would sometimes spawn when none of the facilities had staff employed

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