Update #33: January

Hello fellow Magnates! We hope you’ve had a great start to the year! We’re excited to share some of the strides we’ve made and some of our future plans. We’ve seen progress in building a new restaurant food/menu system, analysing our building/architecture system and creating new furniture assets. 

Restaurant/Menu System

One of the main focuses of this past month have been developing our restaurant and “food system.” You will be able to decide what exactly goes on your restaurant’s menu! Every item will have different attributes which means some guests will prefer some dishes over others. On top of this depending on what your cook is skilled in they will prepare some food better than others. So it will be best to match your menu up to what skills your staff have and what kind of menu would appeal to your guests, all while having it at a desirable quality and cost.

restaurant simulator menu

New Furniture

We’re happy with the character models now, so have been doing a lot of work in creating new furniture models that match our desired art style. A lot of the current furniture are placeholders and aren’t really consistent with each other and what we want the game to look like. Below are a few shots of the many pieces being worked on!

Hotel Simulator Bar
Hotel Couch
Restaurant Sim Table

Architecture system designs

This last month we have seen quite a few bug fixes (fixing saving & loading, floor bugs & wall texture scaling). We also implemented new wall & floor textures that match our new art style, and we have started a big analysis of general usability issues we have with the system. A big influence in this analysis process has come from player feedback and we have been able to identify some key issues.

Some of these main problems we aim to address are:

  • Being able to build a straight wall without it snapping to segment points in another wall 
  • Being able to place a window or door anywhere along a wall instead of it snapping to wall segments 
  • Stopping windows from moving the location of walls or snapping incorrectly.

We plan on fixing these issues in the next month as long as we dont run into any unforeseen issues. 

Our latest build has been published and should be accessible from the crytivo website. If you have any questions, feedback or just want to talk please join us on our discord!

The new 0.6.1 build will be published on the crytivo website within a few days of this post being published. There are a few last minute saving/loading bugs that have appeared which we must fix before publishing. When the new build is public we will announce it on our Discord and other channels.

Changelog: v0.6.1


  • Made grid-snapping the default when wall building to help enhance the player experience
  • Enabled Staff uniforms to be generated for staff characters
  • Added new wall textures
  • Added new furniture placement visual effects & movement tilting
  • Added new audio when placing walls and furniture
  • Implemented first iteration of the restaurant menu system
  • General UI visual improvements
  • Adjusted walking speed to suit the walking animation
  • Staff now have a desired pay rate and will be unhappy if they do not receive it. Unhappy staff provide a lower quality service or product
  • A character’s current task is now displayed with a user-friendly name instead of its backend name


  • Fixed the UV scaling of wall textures
  • Fixed some serialisation (saving & loading) bugs
  • Fixed the bug where you are not always able to overwrite a save
  • Fixed architecture/building bugs
    • Building near the edge of map causing building system to stop working
    • Deleting adjacent windows causing that area to be unbuildable
    • Some instance of the ground breaking bug
  • The texture scaling of wall textures now doesn’t stretch or squish
  • Fixed broken background on the pause menu
  • Fixed the height of the ground so characters and objects are not slightly underground

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