Update #12: Elevate Your Experience – Spa, Gym, and Elevators!

Hey there, fellow Magnates! We’re back with an exciting update that’s set to revolutionize your hotel management experience. Get ready to pamper your guests and pump up the adrenaline because we’ve got three exciting additions to unveil. From the tranquil world of the spa to the high-energy vibes of the gym, and the long-awaited elevators, this update is packed with game-changing features that will take your hotel to new heights!

Spa Serenity:

Step into the serene oasis of relaxation as we introduce Spa Guests to your luxurious establishment. These guests are all about finding tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of your hotel. With new challenges and benefits, catering to Spa Guests requires a delicate touch. We’ve brought in a range of spa-centric furniture, including mud baths, saunas, sensory deprivation tanks, nail salons, tanning booths, and more! But here’s the catch – Spa Guests generally prefer a quieter and tidier environment, so you’ll need to strike the perfect balance to keep them happy. Let the soothing vibes flow, and watch your spa empire thrive!

Hotel Spa Furniture for Hotel Management Game
Spa furniture


Fitness Fanatics:

For those Magnates who love the rush of adrenaline and the clank of weights, we’re introducing Gym Guests to your hotel! These fitness enthusiasts come with their unique set of challenges and perks. To cater to their active lifestyle, we’ve added an array of gym-focused furniture, featuring chin-up bars, punching bags, cycling machines, rowing machines, a cutting-edge VR workout machine, and more! But beware, Gym Guests might not be the best companions for the cleaner and quieter guests in your hotel. So, create the ultimate fitness haven and let your Gym Guests break a sweat in style!

Gym Furniture for your Gym Facility inside a Hotel Tycoon game
Gym Furniture
Chin-up Bar, Hotel Furniture. Inside A Gym Facility in hotel Magnate, a hotel and resort tycoon management game
Chin-up Bar Hotel Furniture

The Rise of Elevators:

A massive shoutout to all of you Magnates who participated in our voting platform – your voices have been heard! The long-awaited elevators are finally making their grand entrance into the world of Hotel Magnate! Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating stairwells, as these elevators will make traversing your hotel a breeze for your guests and staff. Choose from three stylish variations to suit the aesthetic of your establishment. Not only do elevators save space, but they also add a touch of sophistication to your hotel’s design. Get ready to elevate your guests’ experience and streamline their journey through your thriving hotel!

Elevator inside hotel simulator game
Different Elevator Styles


With the introduction of Spa Guests, Gym Guests, and the revolutionary Elevators, this update is bursting with excitement, challenges, and boundless possibilities. Stay tuned for more updates – every second week, we’re sharing news on the progress of Hotel Magnate in our special Steam posts. Don’t miss out; make sure to follow us on Steam and be part of the ongoing journey!

Thanks for your support and happy building!
– The Magnate Team

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