Update #13: Groups and Day Guests

Update Post 13

Hey there, Magnates! It’s time to gear up for some game-changing updates! We’ve got some fantastic features lined up that will transform the way you run your hotels. From the introduction of Guest Groups and Day Guests to some news about the upcoming Disasters and Consequences update! This update should bring a lot more life to your hotel with the bonus of more income! There have also been significant performance improvements and bug fixes, so let’s get into it!

Guest Groups:

You asked, we listened! Introducing Guest Groups – the feature you’ve all been asking for! Say goodbye to solitary guests and hello to groups! With Guest Groups, your hotel rooms will be bustling with activity as multiple guests check in together. Whether it’s a squad of friends or a lovey-dovey couple, there’s room for everyone! And guess what? More guests mean more Income! Get ready to rake in the cash as your hotel becomes the ultimate hotspot.

Guests Holding Hands

Guests Kissing

With great guest numbers comes great responsibility. You’ll need to expand your staff and improve your management as you will have more mess to clean up. Guests will now also walk hand in hand together, do activities together in their rooms and more!

Day Guests:

But wait, there’s more! We’re not stopping there, oh no. Say hello to Day Guests – the cherry on top of your hotel management sundae! These vibrant visitors may not be spending the night, but they know how to make a splash. Brace yourself for an influx of energy and cash flow as Day Guests flock to your facilities. From indulging in gourmet meals to pampering themselves at the spa, these visitors mean business. Get ready to amp up the atmosphere and pad your pockets in the process!

Day Guests and groups were both highly voted for on our Voting Platform, so don’t forget to vote on or suggest features that you think the game needs the most!

Below is a screenshot of a much busier Gym facility due to Day Guests (You may need to expand a bit)
Busy Hotel Gym

Coming Up:

We’ve been diligently working on new features while awaiting the completion of animations and testing for this update. As we gear up for the major upcoming update, “Disasters and Consequences,” brace yourselves for the potential chaos of fires and vermin wreaking havoc in your hotel! But fear not, Magnates, as we believe in balance. Alongside these looming challenges, we’re equipping you with new tools to mitigate risks and maintain your establishment including the ability to designate and plan cleaner tasks with precision. Better cleaner and maintenance management have long been player requests, and we’re thrilled to implement these improvements.

With better staff tools already in the pipeline and being implemented, we might just treat everyone to a dedicated update sooner than anticipated. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to elevate your hotel management journey!

Thanks for your support and happy building!
– The Magnate Team


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