Update #8: v0.8.8 Steam Workshop & Utility Changes

Hello, fellow Magnates! We have a slightly different update for you this month. Along with a few small adjustments and improvements to systems like the Utility System, we are proud to release our first update for our Steam Workshop integration!

Steam Workshop

Following our last update where we added Furniture Grouping and Sharing, we decided to make our first Steam Workshop update. This update will have the added ability to share your templates/groups and download other players’ creations.

While we were working on this, we also decided it was a great time to allow people to upload or download custom wall and floor textures! We have created a guide for the process of uploading or updating player content to Steam here. There will also be a guide on the Steam community page.

We are very excited to see what everyone will share and can’t wait to test them out ourselves!

Special thanks to Discord users Zizi & Caelum for testing and creating some wonderful items for people to try out!

Utility Changes

Following some wonderful player feedback, we have made changes to how utilities are balanced. Previously, you could only place one generator/pump to supply your hotel with water and electricity. This would sometimes lead to players running out of power and water with the only solution being to heavily optimize your utility system or wait until you could upgrade your generator/pump. We tried to increase the amount of power and water these generators/pumps provide on multiple occasions, but we have admittedly struggled to find a good balance.

Our solution is to now allow multiple generators/pumps to be bought and placed. The cost of these generators/pumps, however, is now much higher but will encourage players to optimize their utility system in their hotels. Higher-quality generators will require less maintenance and provide more power, meaning it will be more beneficial to replace your generators/pumps when you can.

We thank all of our fans who have provided feedback for this system and more. Your help is essential for us to create the best game possible. If you have any other feedback, suggestions, or ideas then please feel free to join us on Discord or post on our Steam discussion board.


You can view previous changes/fixes since our last major update in our hotfix updates.


  • Improved Loading Times
  • Added very basic Italian translation (We are looking for volunteers to help improve our translations)
  • We now show all facilities in the facility select menu, but show locked icons with tooltips for locked ones
  • Furniture can now be rotated while snapping to walls


  • Fixed issue where guests would complain about the quality of the Barbell and Yoga Mat, when there is no option to place a higher quality one
  • Fixed some issues where creating a new restaurant would unlink existing restaurants/kitchens
    Changed default floor texture cost to zero
  • Fixed comp button tooltip for guest management
  • Fixed rotation while snapping
  • Fixed a floor painting cost issue

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