Coming Soon: A First Look at Our Latest Update

We know we’ve been a bit quiet lately, but trust us, it’s been for a good reason! Behind the scenes, we’ve been working tirelessly on our biggest update yet, and it’s going to change the game in ways you never imagined! While the update isn’t quite ready to push, we couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek of what’s in store.

Say Hello to Staff Management 2.0

With our previous staff management system, you were left feeling frustrated with little control and even less information about your staff. But those days are gone! We’re introducing a brand new scheduling system that lets you assign staff to different facilities and roles with ease. Want a receptionist in the morning and a bartender at night? No problem!

(Work in Progress UI)

Why make this change? It’s all about reaching new heights for your hotel. Your staff will shine in their designated tasks, allowing you to optimize their schedules. Plus, you can save some green while you’re at it! By assigning roles as necessary, you can minimize downtime and keep your hotel humming like a well-oiled machine.

Get Ready for Some Guests!

We were tired of boring, generic guests, so we upped the ante and created 6 distinct types of guests for you to attract to your hotel: Fitness Guests, Spa Guests, Party Guests, Casino Guests, Pool Guests, and Business Guests. Each of these guests have their own unique requirements, needs, and expectations. Managing your hotel carefully will be key if you want to have different guest types coexisting.

Facilities and Fun

To complement these more distinct guest types, we’re bringing even more diversity to the facilities and activities your guests can enjoy. As you may have guessed, the new guest types align perfectly with the updated facilities you can build in your hotel. For instance, party guests will flock to the bar while spa guests will head straight to the spa. Of course, guests can still visit other facilities, but their preferred choice will be aligned with their guest type.

However, keep in mind that not all guests will enjoy the same things. It’s important to consider this when managing your hotel, especially if you plan on attracting multiple guest types. For example, a business guest might seek a quiet drink at the bar after a long day, but if a group of party guests are creating a ruckus, they might not appreciate the atmosphere.

(Work-In-Progress | Some of the furniture might be added over subsequent updates and could change visually)

Furniture Frenzy

We wanted to make these facilities feel more lively, so we brought in some amazing artists to create tons of new furniture and activities for guests to enjoy. From pool tables and saunas to laser lights and rowing machines, the update will include at least 40 new items, including a plant model revamp.

Loud and Dirty

To make these different guests interact and potentially conflict with each other, we’re adding two systems: Loudness and Dirt.

Noise will be generated by guests engaging in certain activities and by certain machinery and objects in the hotel. Some guest types are noise-proof, while others are sensitive to even the slightest sounds. Don’t worry though, noise will travel through walls but will eventually fade away with distance.

Your guests and staff will leave a mark as they move around your hotel, leaving behind dirt and mess. Similar to noise tolerance, each guest type has their own threshold for messiness, so be sure to manage your cleaning staff effectively. A business traveler seeking a quiet drink might not appreciate the mess left behind by rowdy partygoers, so consider placing your lively facilities away from the more serene areas to keep everyone happy.

Hotel Reputation

When you satisfy or annoy those different guest types, they will leave a review accordingly which will affect your Hotel Reputation. Essentially, your hotel can become known for certain things like partying, business, fitness, etc. This means that, whatever your reputation becomes, you can attract more of a particular guest type.

Feature Voting and Suggestions

We’ve recently implemented a new platform for handling player feedback and suggestions for Hotel Magnate. If you have any ideas or would like to vote or comment on existing suggestions, you can visit Here to do so. The platform is user-friendly and does not require an account to use. With features like filters, tags, and search tools, we can easily navigate through the suggestions. You can upvote the ideas you want to see implemented sooner and downvote the less important ones, giving us a clear idea of what our players want most.

Don’t forget to join us on our Discord where you can chat to other fans and the devs! We are really looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback and for you all to try out this update!

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