Update #18: May Dev Update

Hotel Magnate City

Good day, hotel managers!

We bid farewell to the month of May with a host of bug fixes and plenty of polish under our belt. In short, it’s been a month of improvement and refactoring that has done the overall quality and stability of the game a world of good. There’s still a long way to go, but we’re happy with where the project is at right now. Before we get to what we’ve been up to, let’s all welcome our new 3D modeller, Jess, who will be helping us spruce up our selection of furniture!

Visual Improvements:

The addition of post-processing effects has smeared a noticeable layer of visual splendour upon the game. It has allowed us to tweak and improve everything from colour palettes to contrast. Shadows also received some love, making them a little sharper, but not quite yet in the quality zone we’re aiming for. Enough words, see for yourself in the comparison below. Watch those colours POP!




Someone left all of our furniture out in the garden. It presents a fine opportunity to capture an all-encompassing screenshot, though, so might as well take advantage of the situation.


We have been giving controls and usability a fair amount of brainpower this month, with the goal of simplifying gameplay and making everything as user-friendly as possible. The aim is to make the game easily playable with only one hand. This is achievable with the majority of systems, which is great, but there are some more complex elements that may require a bit more input. Why are we doing this? Simple: to ensure the game is accessible to all kinds of players.


We have been experimenting with sound! You’re going to get quite an earful when everything comes together.


Before you get too excited, we aren’t quite ready yet for the big crowdfunding push, but we’re well on our way.  Our focus is on fixing all gameplay issues and an odd assortment of bugs before we launch the Kickstarter. We are hoping to hit the funding button within 2 months, but no promises. It’s gotta be as smooth as gravy before then.

Big thanks to all of you for being a part of the community! We can’t wait to show you more.


Feel free to ask us a few questions or have a chat over on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/h3mWKNF

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