Update #17: April

Hotel Magnate City

Greetings, fellow hotel managers! Another month has seen its end, bringing improvements and progress galore. We have integrated the brand new building system, created more furniture and decoration variations, and enhanced our Guest AI with a whole new layer of complexity (including more dynamic and interesting behaviour).

AI Complexity:

Our Guest AI system is slowly coming together. One of these days, guests may actually start behaving like actual human beings. However, that does not necessarily mean they’ll act like ‘decent’ human beings. These are hotel guests we’re talking about, after all.

Anyway, the most recent update has added plenty more complexity to the system’s design to ensure we achieve highly-dynamic guest behaviour. This entails that every guest will have unique characteristics and behaviour, reacting to their environment and needs in different ways. Some may not like your house wine, for example, while others may wish to bathe in it. To each their own.

Building System Polish:

The building system has received quite a bit of spit and polish since our last update. If you can recall, we showcased the improved building system with simple lightning and colours that were a little darker than we liked. We have since corrected these issues by reintroducing the surrounding scenery and improving the texture colours for the walls, floors, and grass.

New Furniture Art:

We have a new face around here! Our most recent hire is a great furniture artist who has already ramped up the production of furniture (they refused to make coffee, so we had to find them another job). They’ve created a range of new office and hotel lobby props that’ll spruce things up.

Double Couch
Arm Chair

That’s all for now! Remember to check out our Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/h3mWKNF  to chat with us and the community.

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