Update #13: Quick Status Update (we’re not dead!)

Hotel Magnate City

It has been a lonely few months without our little chats, but it’s finally time for another progress update about Hotel Magnate. The past few weeks have seen further implementation of the new UI elements and development of Guest AI, alongside the addition of a few new furniture items. We have also begun recruiting a couple more willing victims to join our small crew to speed things up. In fact, we have a big announcement to make in the near future, so keep an ear out for excited screaming.

More Furniture:

Who doesn’t love jacuzzis? Fortunately, they’re part of the latest round of furniture additions we’ve made to the game. You can expect new gym equipment, fountains, and indoor plants. This is only the beginning of the furniture and decorations you can expect to see in the full game, but it already adds a lot of diversity to how you can design your hotel and what your guests can do.

Bug Fixing:

As always, we have been nailing out a few bugs/issues with the AI as we crack on with getting the guests to act more natural and behave as a hotel patron would. Guests now check in, sleep, perform their ablutions, eat, relax, and check out when ready. There’s still a lot of work to do in this area, but we are now beginning to see complete game loops.


More locations:

We’ve got a bunch of new locations in the works that’ll each add unique challenges and introduce different positives and negatives to your guests’ experience. For instance, a city location will be buzzing with more business-minded individuals, while a tropical island will attract more holidaymakers and the occasional dictator (wait, scratch that last one -- wrong game).

As we casually mentioned earlier in the update, keep an eye out for a big announcement in the near future. Don’t miss out!

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