Update #14: New Year Update!

Hotel Fireworks

It has been a bit quiet over the festive season here in sunny Oz (not to mention extremely hot), and I am glad to be getting back into the thick of it! 2019 is going to be huge for Hotel Magnate. I can’t wait to get a playable version into everyone’s hands.

Before I delve into what this year will bring, I would like to announce the exciting news that our team has grown! You will probably notice them hovering around our Discord server and Twitter page like friendly worker bees. The first new addition is Sasha, who will be taking on some game design and production responsibilities, as well as helping to manage our social media and community.

Secondly, I would like to welcome Tobbi, a very talented programmer who will certainly help the project reach new heights. I’ve pretty much been entirely on my own for the majority of the project’s existence, so I am excited to see where all of this goes.

What’s next?

With our team growing stronger, we should see significantly more progress down the road. It will take us a little while to settle into an efficient workflow, but we are already upgrading our Unity versions to take advantage of the new HDRP (high-definition render pipeline), which will see dramatic improvements to the game’s shadows, lighting, materials, and performance.

We are in the process of fleshing out more complex systems, like staff management, the cash/money system, and the associated management UI you will be interacting with. This takes a bit of thought and effort, as this is where many of the game’s systems interact with one another. Another area that’s getting some serious design work is a system that semi-procedurally generates guests to achieve greater variety.

We apologise that there isn’t more to show just yet, but we hope to bring you some exciting new footage in the coming weeks.

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