Update #6: Environment and Scene Updates


Firstly, i apologise for the slower rate of posts and updates. As with most my December was a total mess, i moved houses and it has taken me a while to properly settle back into things. As a result of this my progress has slowed down a bit. A positive is that I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the plethora of problems and features that are ahead of me. My delays aside, i have managed to get quite a bit done with tidying up the surrounding town and forest. I added different types of trees and begun replacing many of the old ones which suit the aesthetic of the game better.

I have begun using Probuilder to create both furniture assets and prop items like houses and roads etc. Probuilder is an amazing tool especially for solo developers or small teams, i severely underestimated it and wish i had utilized it much earlier on.  I plan on finishing off the town within a week or two, afterwards i can get back to more core areas of the game. Below are some pictures of the town Town at Night View of TownAswell as the town props I made progress on the UI and management screen, from which it will be easier to manage rooms and your hotel. I have completed the necessary kitchen furniture assets and i will now work on having a working kitchen and food system. One of the challenges is going to be seat/table allocation for groups of guests, i need to make sure that individual guests or groups of guests are given their own table that has the correct amount of seating. There are still many small things that need completing that are too numerous and small to list here, i plan on adding a development road-map to better highlight the direction and progress of this project.

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  1. Wow the town looks very nice. I cant wait to see the development road-map. This is one game am very excited about As it looks very promising. Keep up the good work.

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