Update #7: Further Tweaking and Changes

Hotel Magnate

Since the last post, quite a bit of progress has been made. Mostly with tweaking some of the existing systems and adding some polish. From now on, to make these posts more readable, all the changes and updates will be listed with any in-depth descriptions and discussion put below. 


    • Glowing Highlighter Materials - Added a glowing effect to highlighter materials
    • Furniture Placement/Obstacle Detection - The placement highlighter will now turn red and stop placement when an obstacle is detected
    • Improved Camera Controls
    • Huge Performance Improvements - Fixed some issues causing large fps drops
    • Stairs and Navmesh - Stairs can now be placed on the outside of buildings, upon placement a new navmesh is generated and different levels/floors are now navigable too each other - Interior stair cases and elevators will be added soon

On top of the above changes there have been a plethora of small changes and adjustments that are too numerous and insignificant to mention. The game is now progressing well and with the saving and loading system near complete, a playable version wont be far off. Unfortunately a development road-map is not yet available for everyone who asked, as i just haven't had the time to put it together in a presentable fashion. Hopefully by the next update I can have a trello board or something similar up for everyone.

In the next few weeks, I will finish off the saving and loading system and implement a more advanced AI system. These improvements will bring together most of the systems and will bring us a lot closer to a fully playable version.

If you have any questions or feedback, big or small, please feel free to email or contact us through any of our social media pages!

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