Update #4: Reworks!

As the title suggests this update is mostly about reworks, following on from the previous post i totally re-looked at how i was going to manage the building function. I am making each wall a single game object and will use Boolean operations to cut a door or window into the wall instead of having separate game objects for each block/section of the wall. I am still yet to get the Boolean cut to work in run-time so i have essentially taken a step backwards, but feel the results will be better in the long run with improved performance. 


The day/night cycle also met the same fate and was taken to the chopping block, i replaced it with an off the shelf system called Enviro which gives a much more robust solution incorporating a day/night cycle, weather system, clouds, rotating sun and moon, volumetric lighting and seasons/years. Much more tweaking is needed especially in getting the coloring correct for sunsets/sunrise. This change then inspired me to go a bit further and i was able to rework the clock to display the day, season and year aswell as the option to pause or speed the game up. In the following week i aim to finish off the building function (not including bells and whistles like sounds etc.) and then continue the work i have been doing on the Guest AI.


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