Update #3: Lighting, Day/Night Cycle and Better Rooms

Finally got around to adding a day/night cycle into the game, its a fairly simple solution that basically rotates the directional light and adjusts the intensity based on the time. I will probably end up changing a lot of it down the line, but it allows other dependent systems to be worked on for example AI. On top of this i tweaked around with the post-processing stack and my lighting settings to create better shadows, fog and ambient occlusion which helps bring the world to life a bit.

I made a semi-major design decision with how rooms are created, instead of assigning rooms or zones like in many other games like prison architect, a room/zone is created every-time a physical room is made. So when the player is building the physical rooms each walled area is automatically a room and they can then choose whether it is a guest room, lobby, restaurant etc. much like in the game Software Inc. This will be expanded upon in future blog posts but basically allows players an easier and cleaner way to interact with rooms while also making it easier to develop.

Here is another screenshot of the UI buttons for each room which will pop a menu up where you can choose what type of room it is along with many other settings associated with its room type.

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