Here you will find a non-exhaustive list of some of the essential tools and hotkeys 

Camera Controls

Rotate Camera Angle (Hold Right Click + Drag)

Free Rotate (Hold Right Click + Drag)

Right Click Rotate
Right Click Rotate

Rotate Camera (Left-Right) (q + e)

Press “q” or “e” to rotate the camera left-right

Rotate Q+E
Rotate Q+E

Zoom (Scroll)

Zoom using the scroll wheel on the mouse

Move Camera (WASD or Hold Down Scroll Wheel + Drag)

Either use “w”, “a”, “s” and “d” keys to move or hold hold down the Scroll Wheel and drag

Move Camera
Move Camera

Wall Building

1: Build Walls Tool (Hotkey: b)

This button opens the wall building tools

2: Single Wall Toggle (Hotkey: b)

This Toggle enables you to just build single walls at a time. 

The Hotkey “b” can be used anywhere/anytime to open this tool

Single Wall With Grid Snapping

3: Build Full Room Tool (Hotkey: n)

This Toggle allows you to build complete, 4 sided rooms/walls at a time.

The Hotkey for this tool is “n”

Full Room With Grid Snapping

4: Grid Snapping (Hotkey: 1)

When this Tool is toggled on, it snaps the wall end points to the grid (This can be enabled/disabled with both Single Walls and Full Room Tools)

Grid Snapping On

Below is what this would look like without Grid Snapping

Single Wall Without Snapping

5: Straight Walls Only Tool (Hotkey: "Left Alt")

When this Tool is toggled on, the wall will only run along the two axis (straight walls).

This can be used both with Single Walls Tool and Full Room Tool

Single Wall With Grid Snapping & Straight Walls


Full Room With Grid Snapping & Straight Walls

Furniture Placement

1: Align to Other Objects

This Toggle allows you to snap the object you are placing to other objects

2: Rotate by 90 Degrees

When this tool is toggled on, rotating your furniture object only happens at 90 degree angles (the hotkey for furniture rotation is “R” & “T”

Rotate by 90 Degrees

3: Rotate At Place

This tool when toggled on, rotates the furniture in its palce. Currently this tool doesnt work properly

4: Grid Placement

When this Tool is toggled on, it snaps the furniture object to the grid

Snapping to Grid

5: Snap To Walls

When this Tool is toggled on, the furniture object will snap to walls

Snapping To Wall

6: Only Valid Positions

When this Tool is toggled on, furniture will only snap into positions that are valid (no obstructions)

Hotel Magnate Furniture Rotation

Furniture Rotation

When placing furniture, you can rotate it by pressing "R" & "T"

Furniture Multi-Placement

Hold "Ctrl" when placing furniture (left click). To place multiple piece of furniture (Ctrl + Left Click)

Wall/Floor Painting

The Tools/Hotkeys for painting walls and floors are the same so the following explanations will work for both

Paint All Adjacent Walls/Floors (Left Shift)

You can paint all adjacent walls/floors by holding Left Shift and left clicking

Paint Fill


Paint All Adjacent Tiles Of The Same Colour (Left Ctrl)

You can paint all adjacent tiles of the same colour by pressing the “Left Ctrl” key and pressing the left mouse button

Paint Fill

Pick/Sample a Colour From An Existing Tile (Right Click)

You can pick the same colour as another Tile by pressing “Right Click” when in the specific painting mode