Update #4 New Location & Progress Update

Update #4 New Location & Progress Update

Hello fellow magnates! As promised, we are releasing an interim update with a new location to play in as well as some general fixes. This isn’t a huge update for most, but we hope it will keep everyone entertained until our next update which will be focused on utilities (water/power management).

Desert Highway

We are excited to release our first new location: Desert Highway! It has taken a while to set up our workflow in order to create new locations, but it will now enable us to add new locations faster in future updates. We also had to do a lot of backend work with how these locations work so that we are able to set up different lighting, audio, guest types, etc. for each location.

We look forward to bringing you all many more locations in the future!


Upcoming Features

This month we thought we would include a little section detailing some of the upcoming features that are being worked on currently. Firstly we are very close to having a Mac version available, we are just going through the process of getting the application approved by Apple.

In our next feature update, we will be introducing the Utilities system. This is essentially the management of water and power to your hotel which will bring some interesting challenges and decisions to how you build and run your hotel.

We have also made significant progress in adding our new progression system which will reduce the importance of your hotel star rating and will allow you to take your hotel in different directions and choose which furniture/tools to unlock.

Don’t forget to check out our Feature Roadmap to see what is in store or join us on our Discord

 where you can discuss these features with other fans and the developers!

Community Updates

We will hopefully be bringing back more community feedback events (like the community feature vote) soon and hopefully in a better, more open-ended format. So stay tuned!

We would also love to announce and share a new partnership with one of our most dedicated fans Zizi who makes tutorials and guides for Hotel Magnate. Her creations are fantastic and you should definitely check out her Youtube and Twitch.


  • Changed images on the start menu
  • Added option to choose the desert location
  • Made improvements to the car/guest pickup system


  • Fixed an issue where rooms would get the incorrect star level when saving/loading
  • General performance and stability fixes

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