Content Update #2 v0.8.2 – Room Duplication, Staff Tiredness, Pools & More!

Hotel Magnate Update

It’s the first Tuesday of the month and that means it’s Hotel Magnate Update Time! We are excited to bring these updates to you as they will make building easier and offer more in-depth management. 

Room Duplication

One of the most highly requested features by the community is now ready! Room Duplication won our first community vote and is the largest feature in this content update. This feature allows you to copy a room with all of its contents (furniture, colours, windows, and any assigned facilities). 

room duplication

Room duplication will allow for quicker building and will remove some of the hassle of having to construct multiple rooms with tedious replication. You can utilize this feature by clicking on the duplicate button which is on the top of the room detail menu.


Staff Tiredness

Another feature we’ve added to the game is staff tiredness and scheduling. Your staff members will now get tired as they work, meaning that you will need to build a staff room for your employees to rest or they might fall asleep on the job! You will most likely need to hire more staff for your facilities to cover when people are on break. To help manage when your staff works, we have added a staff scheduling system where you can set the number of staff members you would like to work per hour at a facility.

Staff scheduling

staff sleeping

Pools & New Furniture

Finally! It’s time to let your guests cool off with the addition of pools! More work will be done in the future with adding more pool types, visual effects, and animation, but we are very happy with the initial result and look forward to seeing how everyone uses them.

Along with pools, we have added a whole series of top tier furniture to round out the selection for 5 star hotels.

We hope these options will give players further choice and creativity in creating exciting new hotels.


Performance Improvements

We have also put significant work into increasing performance, especially around saving/loading times and reducing the potential for crashes. For example, a hotel with a huge amount of freeform objects saw its loading time drop from 20+ min to around 2 min. While most hotels wouldn’t take that long to load, there should still be a noticeable improvement in these times while playing.


Community Vote Winners

The winners of our second community feature vote are Multi-level Building & Extra Locations! These two features (and a few others) will be included in our V0.8.3 Update. While we try to release updates on the first Tuesday of every month, the complexity of these features – along with the holiday season – means that v0.8.3 will be released in February. We will however try to release something smaller in January, it just won’t be a major update…but stay tuned!

To participate in Hotel Magnate’s discussions and votes, join us on Discord. You can even join our Steam discussion board where you can talk to the Devs and other fans!




  • Room duplication
  • Facilities warnings now also appear directly above rooms 
  • Staff tiredness
  • Staff scheduling
  • Pools
  • New exceptional (5 Star) furniture set
  • New Floor/wall textures
  • Added a % sign when launching the game
  • Added loading bars when saving/autosaving
  • Guest Activity Improvements – Added ability for guests to watch TV from bed
  • Improved saving/loading speeds
  • Added more emojis/reactions to guests & staff to display how they felt about certain tasks/actions
  • All locked furniture is now shown on the furniture selection menu
  • Added more actions to interact with staff in the staff management menu (upskilling / giving a pay raise) as well as adding their mood
  • Improved the layout on the staff management menu
  • Updated the “+” button to make it more visible for adding new facilities to a room
  • Added a sleeping “zZz” effect to characters

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash on launch caused by dual monitors
  • Fixed trees that intersected with the game map
  • Fixed a bug where the game could freeze when having a restaurant
  • Performance Fixes
  • Fixed the guest waking up at the wrong time
  • Fixed incorrect animation being played after guests bathing
  • Fixed issue where the hotel upgrade tooltip was shown permanently
  • Fixed a bug where a room fully painted with grass would not load correctly
  • Fixed a bug where walls did not show up/appear correctly
  • Fixed a rare bug where you couldn’t exit certain menus
  • Fixed some instances of people walking on the spot
  • Fixed Chinese “Bug report” text
  • Fixed colour picker text sizing for the German language
  • Lots of small fixes that are too minor to mention (maybe the one you are looking for)

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