Update #31: October

Hello fellow magnates! Hope your October was as enjoyable and productive as it was for us! We’ve made a lot of progress with lots of small changes and improvements. We have implemented a localisation system so we can start translating the game into other languages, made more guest model variations and added more staff models, improved some of our animation transitions and animation bugs, improved staff/guest AI activities and a lot of work fixing and adding new features to parts of our UI that were identified in our last build

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Localisation & UI Improvements

We have added in a localisation system to be able to translate the game to other languages. The system is in place and we have begun translation into a few languages.

Currently, we are going to translate the game into German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian & Portuguese. If you would like to request another language be included, come join us on our discord server and voice your opinion, we are always very happy to hear what people have to say whether it be a language request or an idea for a feature

While we implemented the localisation system we also took the opportunity to add more tooltips to the various menus to assist in understanding the different buttons and screens. We also made some small visual adjustments with some changes in colour and a new default font which are both assisting in creating visual consistency and readability which are core to a usable user interface.

Another small change that is assisting with readability is our layout changes to lists of guests, staff & facilities. We also made it so that every second entry is a slightly different colour as you can see below. If you have any feedback, please come join us in our discord!

hotel simulator ui
hotel simulator staff ui

Following up with our changes in our in-game UI we also applied the same design ideas to our start menu. As well as the in-game UI the design will probably evolve over time. 

Character Model Variations

This last month has also seen more work in creating character variations like different haircuts, clothing & staff models. This is an ongoing progress and we aim to have these models and variations implemented into our live builds within a month. Here is an early look at one of the bartender models

Hotel Magnate Bartender

AI Activities & Animations

We have seen a bit of progress improving some of the AI activities like kitchen orders, this is where a guest orders a meal at a restaurant and a chef prepares and cooks the meal. As mentioned in previous update posts this is the most complex sequence of AI tasks involving many different systems and both guests and staff. The progress made was mostly solving a few edge cases like when an order is cancelled either by deleting some furniture, firing staff or deleting the facility. We also had to find a solution to having multiple staff members working on different orders using the same furniture (stoves).

Along with improving our AI activities we also improved the animation transitions and a few animation bugs. There were quite a few instances where the characters would sink into the ground for a split second in between different animations or would be playing an animation at the incorrect time. Most of these have been fixed but there are still a few more instances still present, it is an ongoing process in finding these and fixing them especially as more of these AI activities are implemented and our new character models and animations are added.

Linux Build

We are finally happy to be able to include Linux builds into our releases from now on! So if you are a linux user, we would love to get your feedback and help in finding any Linux specific bugs. We will also be looking into getting a Mac build available very soon.

Thanks so much for keeping up with development! Don’t forget to drop into our Discord or follow us on twitter to get more involved!

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