Update #22 Silly Season Update

Update #22  Silly Season Update

What a year it has been! Happy holidays & new year to all our fans. It has been a rollercoaster of a year, with a successful Kickstarter, a lot of development progression and a growing community! We can’t thank everybody enough for all your love and support and wish everyone a great new year.

Our team has taken a little bit of time off from our busy schedule over these holidays, so there is a little less to talk about than normal. December has seen us work on a new main menu, basic game settings, a much improved saving/loading menu, further work on the guest/staff AI and work on the improved in-game UI.

Main Menu & Settings

We finally got around to doing some much needed work on our main menu. As it is one of the first things the player will see, it is important that it conveys the same aesthetic as the rest of the game. It was also a good chance to refresh our knowledge of the Unity UI system before doing the visual work on the in-game UI. Below is a little gif of our first iteration, if you have any feedback please comment or mention it in our discord server

On top of our improved main menu, we added some basic settings that allows the player to adjust camera move/rotation speed, graphics quality, resolution/fullscreen modes and audio volumes.

Improved Saving

We have now fixed nearly all of the bugs surrounding saving and loading and the system is functional, so our next public build should allow the player to save/load! We have also changed how the system works by allowing the player to name their save as is with most games.

Guest/Staff AI:

We now have basic functionality with our AI systems, guests will check in, walk around and satisfy their needs by visiting bathrooms, restaurants etc. as needed. Without our new character models and animations it’s hard to showcase any progress in this area. But we will hopefully be able to show something very soon!

We will also be putting out a new update to our alpha backers very soon with nearly all these changes present!

Thanks for checking out the update! Drop your thoughts below or hop onto Discord to chat with everyone. 

Until next time & have a happy new year!

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