Update #20: October Progress

Hotel Magnate - Simulator Tycoon

Hello, Magnates!

Welcome back to another devblog after the Kickstarter madness these past few weeks. We have been organising a refined work schedule to match our new capabilities, which has allowed us to ease our way back into a good development rhythm. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this project happen, whether that be by backing us directly on Kickstarter, sharing the project online, or just about any little thing that very clearly went a long way. 

For those who missed out on backing us, don’t worry! We are working on a fair way to offer you early access to the game, but unfortunately this will not include any KS exclusives (as the name entails). 

We are happy to welcome our new programmer. Brad will be helping us further develop our game systems and take Hotel Magnate to new heights. 

Lastly, we want to give another shoutout to our excellent Hotel Helpers over on Discord who are doing an awesome job so we can focus on making the game.

Now, let’s get into it!


Alpha Backers Demo Access

If you are one of the backers who pledged towards one of the “Alpha” reward tiers, then you will be pleased to hear that you can access the pre-alpha demo by following the instructions below! We will be updating this demo periodically as improvements are made. 

Existing Crytivo Account

  • 1) Go to www.crytivo.com
  • 2) Locate the game in your Games Library
  • 3) Click on it, hit download
  • 4) Enjoy!

If you do not have the game tied to your account (likely because you may have used a different email address to back the game), send an email to support at support@crytivo.com and we will verify your KS pledge and add it to your account.

Not Yet Registered on Crytivo

  • 1) Go to www.crytivo.com
  • 2) Simply enter the email address that you used for the Kickstarter in the sign-in section
  • 3) Click Reset Password
  • 4) Check your email for the password reset link
  • 5) Log in with the new password
  • 6) Locate the game in your Games Library
  • 7) Click on it, hit download
  • 8) Enjoy!

Feedback & Bug Reporting

We are looking for any feedback from the early tests of our “Building Demo”, which will allow us to identify and fix any bugs that may pop up, add new features you request, and unlock some previously locked features as time goes on. If you have access to the demo, please provide any feedback and suggestions you may have by submitting a form from the link below. 


We ask that you check the known issues and FAQs before submitting a report to prevent the same issue being reported multiple times. Thanks!



Thanks to the awesome feedback already received from individuals who have tested the building demo, we have replicated and begun fixing a few problems like improving screen resolutions and scaling, resolving issues with saving and loading, and any weirdness caused by auto-painting rooms and floors. In addition to this, we are also adding in doors and windows that are far more aesthetically pleasing than the ones currently present in the demo. 

Character Models

Below is a sneak-peek at some brand new guest models that are currently being created. Guests alone will have over 400 different visual combinations planned for the Alpha as we will be able to change body shapes, clothing and colours. Get excited!

Simulator Game Characters


Before we go, don’t forget to chat with us and the community on Discord! We’ll be waiting!

Lots of love,


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