Update #10: Tables, Chairs and Room Designation

Hotel Magnate

Much has changed since our last post, the pace of development has increased and we will hopefully be able to post update blogs more frequently! Following on from our previous update post, the improvements to the furniture sorting menu has made it much easier to add new furniture items. As a result, in the last two weeks we have added a further 40 furniture items including items like lamps, couches and more beds.

Hotel Magnate Furniture
Screenshot of some of the added items

On top of this, we finally implemented the first iteration of the chair and table placement system, when the player places tables they need to automatically detect and group with each other. So when two tables are placed next to each other, the game will now know that they are the same table. Then when the player is placing dining chairs, nodes are generated at the appropriate spots and the chairs will automatically snap to those positions. This system forms part of how restaurants and bars will work.

Room placement has also been improved! Instead of dragging and designating rooms, the player can now click inside an area and the room will automatically fill in the space, by checking each neighboring grid spot for a wall or an existing room grid. This will make room designation quicker and more intuitive.

Hopefully, there will be weekly posts from now on! Please follow and share us on social media and to your friends, so we can get this project to be the best it can be!

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