Just wanted to let everyone know that there won't be any update & blog post this Tuesday due to the holiday period and the extra work being done for multi level building for next month.

We can't wait to show you what we have been working on!

Happy Holidays! Big thanks to all our fans for your support over the last few months! We cannot wait to get out all the new exciting features coming in the next few months for everyone to try! It's going to be a very exciting 2022

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To celebrate the Festive Season, we have released an update with snow and new furniture along with a 20% discount on Steam!
You can read about the festive update here >

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v0.8.2 is now live! Room Duplication, Staff Tiredness/Scheduling, Pool and New Furniture! Along with a whole bunch of small changes & fixes. You can read about it here -

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Our 2nd community feature vote has finished and the winners are Multi-level Building and Extra Locations. If you want to participate in any future community votes, join us on our discord >

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Our 2nd Community Feature Vote has started! There are two votes:

Extra Locations vs More Decorative Furniture
Multi-Level Building vs Saving/Sharing Custom Furniture

Vote on our Discord! >

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