Update #15: Maintenance

Hello, Fellow Magnates! Our much-anticipated maintenance system overhaul is now live, bringing a fresh layer of realism to your hotel management experience. Plus, we’re making steady progress on our disaster mechanics, and we can’t wait to share more about it soon. Let’s dive into the details!

Maintenance Changes

We’re thrilled to announce that our revamped maintenance system is now available for all players! No more automatic fixes—your staff will now need to notice and report maintenance issues themselves, adding a strategic twist to your gameplay. This means you’ll want to keep your cleaners and other staff frequently checking rooms to spot any problems. We’ve also made it simpler for you to manually report issues and set priorities, giving you full control over your hotel’s upkeep. For all the details and to share your thoughts, join the conversation on our Discord channel.

You can read about some of these changes in more detail in our previous week’s “Checking In: Report”

Above you can see the new UI for calling/reporting a maintenance issue, as well as the ability to increase its priority

Above you can see the new and improved maintenance warning UI


Disasters Progress🔥

While our maintenance system is now up and running, we’re still hard at work on our disaster mechanics. We’ve made significant strides in developing the fire-spreading system, a crucial component of our disaster management feature. Although it’s not ready for prime time just yet, we’re excited about the direction we’re heading and can’t wait to bring you more updates and previews in the near future.

Other Changes:

We have also made extensive and wide reaching UI, audio and quality of life changes. We have tried to list them all in the below list of changes/fixes

added some UI functionality to the curved wall tool, making them easier to replicate


  • Improved Curved Wall Highlight UI (displaying the number value of the curve)
  • Made heatmaps/info views non-collapsible, making it more clear when you have one of these modes active (topbar)
  • Changed colour of Curved Wall Highlight
  • Added more audio to opening/selecting doors, windows, furniture, staff, guests and facilities
  • Adjusted Object Toolbar to include maintenance options
  • Improved the maintenance warning UI


  • Fixed some instances where objects would remain highlighted and could not be de-selected (There may be other ways this has been caused, so please report it, if you encounter it)
  • Fixed a bug where the curved wall tool would still place a wall when the player clicked confirm when the new wall highlight was out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue where building a room inside another room would reset the cleaning schedule of the original room and move the schedule to the new room
  • Fixed some issues with locating staff/guests that would block the ability to change floors
  • Fixed some issues with the number of current guests not being accurate and an issue where some rooms would remain booked when they shouldn’t
  • Removed and adjusted UI filters on the facilities list in the management menu
  • Fixed an issue where the “Upgrade to level X” tooltip would appear at incorrect times on the Object Toolbar

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