Update #11: v0.8.11 – Roll the Dice with Casino Guests + Level Up Your Staff

Hey fellow magnates! We’ve got some thrilling news to share with you in our latest update. Get ready to roll the dice and play your cards right as we welcome a brand new guest type to your luxurious establishment – the Casino Guests! They’re all about high-stakes fun and entertainment, and we’ve transformed your hotel to cater to their every whim.

But that’s not all! We’re also delving into the world of Staff Skills and Traits. Your staff members are now more unique and skilled than ever before. These additions bring a new layer of complexity to your hotel management.

Join us as we dive into the details of this exciting update.

Casino Guests

We’re thrilled to introduce a new guest type that’s all about living life on the edge – the Casino Guests! These folks are on a mission, and that mission is pure entertainment at your casino. They’re not here for the spa or the gym; they’re all about high-stakes thrills and big wins.

To cater to their unquenchable thirst for excitement, we’ve added an array of brand-new casino furniture and activities. You can now deck out your hotel with roulette tables, sports betting TVs, blackjack setups, craps tables, the Big Wheel, and a handy chips/token teller station.

For Casino Guests, the casino is their kingdom, but they might occasionally crave a refreshing drink or a top-notch bedroom to recharge before hitting the tables again. So, keep those bars well-stocked and ensure your rooms are cozy enough to entice them back to the gaming floor.

Naturally, with these new casino features, you’ll require more specialized staff to manage the gaming tables and the chips teller station, ensuring your guests’ top-notch gaming experience. So, prepare to welcome your Casino Guests and turn your hotel into the ultimate gaming hub. Roll the dice, deal the cards, and build your thriving casino empire!

Staff Skills & Traits

Each staff member can now boast up to three unique skills, and each of these skills can be honed up to six levels. The higher the level, the more effective the skill becomes. To level up, staff will need to utilize the new Staff Training Desk. But here’s a heads-up: skill training takes some time, so careful planning is crucial when investing in your staff’s growth.

These skills have a direct impact on your staff’s performance in specific roles. Some skills will make them excel in some jobs, while others will be better suited to other jobs.

In addition to skills, each staff member comes with up to two innate traits that define their character. Traits can represent qualities like being lazy, fast, grumpy, or more. These traits significantly influence how your staff perform their duties and interact with guests. They add an extra layer of complexity to your staffing strategy, making each hiring decision a more nuanced one.

Our hiring process has undergone a facelift. When recruiting new staff, you’ll now have a choice of three candidates. Once you hire one, they are removed from the pool, and you’re left with two options. But don’t worry, the pool isn’t static; every few days, the oldest member is replaced with a fresh face, keeping your options fresh. If you’re in a hurry or seeking specific skills, there’s also an option to spend some funds to ‘re-roll’ the selection and replenish it immediately (but this can be very costly).

All of these changes infuse the staff scheduling and management system with depth and decision-making. Your choices now carry more weight than ever, as you strive to assemble the perfect team to run your hotel efficiently. Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of staff management and lead your team to success!


Feedback and Voting

Don’t forget to join us on our Discord, where you can chat with fellow fans and the devs, and also vote on and suggest ideas, features, and issues on our Voting Platform. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of Hotel Magnate.

And that’s not all! We’re eager to learn more about who’s playing Hotel Magnate and why. To make this game even better, we’re conducting a Brief Survey. It’ll take just a moment of your time, but it means the world to us. Your feedback is what keeps us rolling out exciting updates and enhancements.

We can’t wait for you to dive into this new update and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you for being part of our incredible Hotel Magnate community!

Thanks for your support and happy building!
– The Magnate Team



  • Fixed an issue with guests swimming through the ground on “L” shaped pools
  • Fixed an issue where pool guests would sometimes not become happy from doing pool activities
  • Fixed an issue where playing Darts wouldn’t satisfy the associated checklist item
  • Fixed an issue where jumping in the pool wouldn’t satisfy the associated checklist item
  • Fixed an an issue where cleaners would sometimes walk around without cleaning (There is still a few known issues with cleaners not being as efficient as they should be)
  • Fixed an issue where outdoor areas on the ceiling could be marked as reachable to characters
  • Fixed an issue where guest moods were not being refreshed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where multiple cleaners went to clean the same item
  • Fixed an issue where guests would teleport away from a hot tub if it was not in a facility
  • Fixed an issue where the pool changing room wasnt blocking character navigation
  • Fixed some issues with navigation for guests who are checking out
  • Fixed some issues with the Alert button (right-hand side) not bouncing
  • Fixed some text size issues with the budget screen
  • Fixed the issue with the numbered header on the staff schedule being rendered on top of other menus like the guide, training, and pause menu
  • Fixed a few small issues on Single Sliding Door
  • Removed “Extra Towel” checklist and duplicate “A TV” checklist items from some guest types
  • Fixed an issue where warnings wouldn’t disappear from generators/pumps
  • Fixed an issue where staff would “Watch TV” without a TV being present
  • Fixed an issue where a few pieces of bar furniture didn’t allow guests to dance near them
  • Fixed an issue with maintenance staff constantly re-entering certain rooms
  • Fixed an issue where guests weren’t always getting proper mood boosts from compensating/gifting the guest


  • Changed how characters are spawned which can help with performance for some people
  • Improved Staff Schedule UI
  • small adjustments to the tutorial dialog to make it more obvious that the Exit button, exits the tutorial and made the Next button more eye-catching
  • Improved the Merge Room Choice dialog UI
  • Adjusted highlight color of the “Remove Wall” wall tool
  • Replaced/Updated models for the Hedges
  • Reorganized a bunch of furniture tags for easier searching

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