Update #10: v0.8.10 – Dive into the Fun with Pool Guests & Beginner’s Guide!

Greetings, Magnates! Building on our recent update, we’re thrilled to unveil an exciting addition – Pool Guests! Make a splash with this fresh guest type, and of course, we’ve amped up the aquatic ambiance with a slew of new pools and delightful hot tubs. But that’s not all – based on your invaluable feedback, we’ve rolled out a beginner tutorial to help our newcomers find their footing. Additionally, this update includes a series of adjustments and fixes that have been brought to our attention from you all.

Pool Guests

Ladies and gents, let’s give a warm welcome to our latest guest type – the Pool Guests! As the name implies, these folks are all about that poolside paradise, complete with top-notch amenities. We’ve thrown in a bunch of swanky new pools, stylish hot tubs, and even added comfy loungers and shady umbrellas. Oh, and did we mention the cool barbecue setup, exhilarating slides, and a springy diving board? We’re eagerly awaiting to see the stunning pool areas you’ll conjure up!

Above are some of the new furniture you can try out! And below is all of the new pool variants!

Beginner Tutorial

We heard you, and we’re excited to introduce a fundamental newbie tutorial mode that’s been highly requested by the community. Finding your way around is now a breeze for our fresh-faced players. Accessible from the start menu, this tutorial covers the game’s essentials, from mastering controls and staffing to arranging furniture, using the guestbook, and grasping the game’s core loop. While it won’t cover every nook and cranny, it’s a fantastic starting point to get those creative hotelier juices flowing.

Should you spot a vital aspect we missed, fear not! We’re all ears on our Discord channel and open to suggestions via our voting platform. Your input is our inspiration, and we can’t wait to see your hotels flourish with these exciting updates. Get ready to dive into the watery wonders and spread the word!

Other Changes and Fixes

Below is a non-exhaustive list of other changes and any Voting/Suggestion Items that are being included in this update.

  • Added Edge Scrolling (Voting Item #23)
  • Fixed a few Dirt not being cleaned up bugs
  • Adjusted some pricing of furniture
  • Increased Starting Amounts of cash
  • Increased the rate that reputation increases at
  • Reorganized furniture categories to make more sense
  • General performance tweaks
  • Adjusted how reviews are calculated (making it a bit easier to manage)
  • Removed “Disco” Facility (You should use the Bar facility for dancing)
  • Guests now actually complain if they are forced to defecate in their own rooms from lack of toilets
  • Increased the occurrence of guests using the restaurant
  • Added information to the guestbook about whether a Guest Type requires a restaurant or not
  • Fixed some lighting issues on some plants + furniture
  • Increased the amount of supplies given by suppliers (this system will be overhauled in the future)
  • Small UI fixes and changes to Staff Schedule
  • Fixed an issue with Buffet Table not being filled
  • Fixed an issue where “Target Cleanliness” of Cleaning Staff wasn’t being saved
  • Fixed an issue where canceling the saving progress could cause some issues for players
  • Fixed an issue where some objects were not being maintained
  • Tutorial (Voting Item #48)
  • More Pool Activities (Voting Items #36 + #112)
  • Hot Tubs (Voting Item #12)
  • More Outdoor Items (Voting Item #19)

Don’t forget to join us on our Discord where you can chat to other fans and the devs or vote on and suggest ideas, features and issues on our Voting Platform! We are really looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback and for you all to try out this update!

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