Update #9: v0.8.9 – Lively Guests, Cleanliness Woes, and Furniture Galore!

Hey fellow Magnates! We’re here to break the silence and deliver some exciting news! Behind the scenes, we’ve been diligently working on our biggest update yet. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the way this update transforms your gaming experience. This overhaul also paves the way for us to deliver more exciting content in the future.

Staff Management Changes

As we had discussed in our last sneak peek post, the previous staff management system often left you feeling frustrated due to limited control and inadequate staff information. However, those days are now a thing of the past! We are thrilled to introduce a cutting-edge scheduling system that enables you to effortlessly assign staff to various different facilities and roles. Need a receptionist during the morning and a bartender for the evening? Consider it done without any hassle!

We have future plans to expand this system by introducing a range of staff skills and training options. This feature aims to further differentiate staff members from one another, ensuring that they are better suited for specific tasks. Stay tuned for these upcoming enhancements that will challenge your staffing strategies and provide an even more immersive experience!

Guest Types and Improvements

Remember when we talked about bringing more life and variety to your hotel with new guest types? Introducing two new guest types that are sure to shake things up: Party Guests and Travelers. Let’s start with the Party Guests who know how to have a good time! These guests love to dance, drink, and socialize, so make sure you have a decent area dedicated to partying if you want to attract these lively individuals.

On the other hand, we have the Travelers. Travelers are your ordinary guests who are simply passing through (very similar to how guests behaved previously). While they may not demand much, they also won’t be willing to pay as much for a room compared to other guest types. So be prepared to offer them a more budget-friendly option. Get ready to witness a bustling hotel with guests engaging in a wide range of activities. You’ll see them playing pool, dancing, throwing darts, and much more.

But that’s not all, folks! We have even more exciting updates in the pipeline. In future updates, we’ll be introducing additional guest types and enhancing the existing ones with Fitness Guests, Spa Guests, Casino Guests, Pool Guests, and Business Guests. Each of these guests have their own unique requirements, needs, and expectations.

To make your management tasks easier, we’ve revamped the guest detail menu. Now, you can easily access information about each guest’s specific requirements for both facilities and bedrooms. Additionally, we’ve introduced the Guestbook, a handy tool where you can find a wealth of information about different guest types.

Loudness and Dirt

To add a new layer of interaction and potential conflicts between our diverse guest types, we’re introducing two exciting systems: Loudness and Dirt.

With the Loudness system, guests engaging in specific activities and certain machinery and objects in the hotel will generate noise. Keep in mind that different guest types have varying degrees of noise tolerance. While some guests are noise-tolerant, others are highly sensitive to even the slightest sounds. Rest assured, however, noise will travel through walls but gradually diminish with distance.

In addition to the Loudness system, we’re implementing the Dirt system. As your guests and staff move around the hotel, they will leave behind traces of dirt and mess. Each guest type has their own threshold for messiness, so effective management of your cleaning staff is crucial. For example, a business traveler seeking a quiet drink may not appreciate the mess left behind by rowdy partygoers. To ensure everyone’s satisfaction, consider strategically placing your lively facilities away from the more serene areas, maintaining a balance that keeps all guests happy and comfortable.

To help identify what areas of your hotel are causing guests problems, you can now cycle through visualizations of where your guests have been having good or bad experiences around your hotel.

New Furniture

To compliment guest types, we have added an array of new furniture for you to mess around with:

We have also added a variety of new plants!

And why not add the highly requested new doors and windows? Discover how fans have requested and voted on this new addition later in this post.

Hotel Reputation & Attraction

The satisfaction or annoyance of different guest types directly impacts their reviews, which in turn affects your Hotel Reputation. Picture this: your hotel becomes famous for specific things like epic parties, business excellence, or fitness bliss. This reputation attracts more of the corresponding guest type you’re known for. Keep an eye on your Hotel Attraction score, as it’s a reflection of your reputation that includes modifiers/effects from things like reviews and marketing campaigns.

Now, check out the screenshot below. It’s the Guest Type Overview menu, your go-to guide for a breakdown of each guest type. Dive into their attraction score, assigned bedrooms, average reviews, and more. This menu is your secret weapon for a quick overview of all your guests and could be useful in understanding where you’re doing well or what you could be doing to maximize your guests’ experience.

Progression & Financial Balancing

Based on valuable player feedback, we’ve taken a fresh approach to simplify our progression systems. We heard you loud and clear – the old method of advancing through Hotel Star Levels and accumulating Hotel Points (to unlock stuff through the catalog) was becoming a drag. So, we’ve bid farewell to both systems and embraced the power of Financial Balancing as the new gatekeeper for hotel growth and quality improvements.

Now, here’s the deal: you can welcome higher star guests anytime you want, but you’ll need to ensure you have the right facilities and top-notch amenities to keep them satisfied. Negative reviews from dissatisfied guests can impact your reputation with that guest type, so be prepared! As you move up the star ladder, acquiring the necessary furniture, facilities, and skilled staff will all come at a higher cost. This means you’ll have to flex those financial management skills and plan ahead like a pro.

To enable this change, we’ve fine-tuned the cost of things and the income you can generate from rooms. This major iteration of the financial balancing system is just the beginning. We eagerly await your feedback, as we’ll be constantly improving and adjusting this system to deliver the best hotel management experience possible. Your input matters, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

Feature Voting

We have officially implemented a new feedback and voting platform for handling player feedback and suggestions. The community has really embraced this system and we are so glad to see so many ideas, requests, and feedback.

We have already identified some features that we decided to bring forward due to community voting. Some of these features include the new Beach Location and our team’s research/investigation into other features like Elevators and Guest Groups.

If you have any ideas or would like to vote or comment on existing suggestions, you can visit here to do so. The platform is user-friendly and does not require an account to use (although an account will allow you to easily track the progress of things you voted for or suggested). You can upvote the ideas you want to see implemented sooner and downvote the less important ones, giving us a clear idea of what everyone wants.

Don’t forget to join us on our Discord where you can chat to other fans and the devs! We are really looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback and for you all to try out this update!

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