Update #24 The Founding

New Build and Post Plan:

We’ve been making some sneaky plans for a while that we hope enables us to release an updated build every month for our alpha/founder backers.


New Textures!

Some emmaculate new textures are on the way for you to use on walls and floors, with more coming over the next few months. Give us your suggestions on what you feel is missing! We also added a lovely ambient occlusion pass to our scenes and are putting some more work into post processing. You can check out a few screengrabs of our new textures below, but we really wish we could capture all of them together in one picture without it looking like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Founder Edition

We are excited to announce that a new Founder’s Edition is available on the Crytivo Store for anyone that missed out on the Kickstarter. If you’ve been itching to support us and get your hands on some early builds, now’s your chance! It gives you access to the latest pre-alpha demo build, as well as all future builds. This includes Steam keys for the early access release, as well as wallpapers, the original soundtrack, digital artbook, and your name in the credits.


Tweaking & Updates

A whole range of features have been getting some love recently, such as square wall building, room/hotel ratings, casual activities for guests to do when bored (like wandering around the hotel aimlessly, reading a book, etc), better pausing/unpausing in certain scenarios, and some updates to our UI system (specifically the guest and hotel management screens). 


Character Revision

One unforeseen issue we ran into came down to our character art. Due to a couple of small issues, we have to revise some of the design and rework it to get it to our desired fidelity level. However, we’re confident we’ll get it done in good time!

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to jump into our Discord channel to hear all the latest news and chat with the community. Enjoy the hotel life!

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