#1: First Update

Well, this month has seen quite a bit of progress and after suggestions from quite a few people, i will be sharing the progress of Hotel Magnate on here.

In the past week or so i made huge improvements to the UI buttons and layout as the placeholder/default buttons and colors were starting to annoy me. I am still using placeholder assets but feel its already miles ahead and much easier to imagine what it will look like. The picture below gives a rough idea of the current UI, but will be better showcased when i release a video.

Updated UI

Note that nearly all the furniture and window assets are only placeholders and will eventually be updated. 

I also updated the furniture placement function, allowing pieces to be placed in-game on the correct level. Including a rotation function and a highlight material to display in a transparent blue where the object will be placed. On top of this i also tweaked the lighting settings so that all objects will properly receive and cast shadows. The pictures below show an old screenshot from before shadows and the other which shows shadows and a reception desk that is currently being highlighted.

With/Without Shadow

After the shadows and furniture placement I finally got around to implementing the multiple level/story system allowing the player to change the current level they are viewing. Which included integrating all the current tools, objects and camera into the level system. This is because every object on a level needs be placed into the correct layer as its created and for the camera to change view-able layers as the player changes levels/layers. 

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