Here is the release roadmap for Hotel Magnate, this page will be updated over time. All the information and dates listed here may be subject to changeĀ 

June 2020

v0.4 Pre-Alpha


This update saw some improvements and bug fixes on our first iteration of the Guest & Staff AI, alongside a few UI changes and improvements to the core gameplay loop.

v0.5 Pre-Alpha


This update will see the introduction of our improved AI system, better character models/animations, more UI improvements, and better object selection with visual feedback.

sep 2020

NOV 2020

v0.6 ALPHA


This is our move from Pre-Alpha to Alpha, which will bring some new features and a full gameplay loop. It will include UI/UX improvements and better visuals with a more consistent art style.

v0.7 BETA


Our transition into Beta will finally give access to all our Beta-tier backers from our Kickstarter. This will mainly include improvements and bug fixes identified from the Alpha, multi-level building, and new furniture.

q2 2021

Second Half 2021

v0.8 Early-Access


This will be our early access release on Steam! This phase will have the full gameplay experience and help us to identify any gameplay issues or changes that are needed.

v1.0 Full Release


This will be our exit from early access on Steam. The fully-fledged game experience will be available to play, along with a dynamic career mode and any requested features identified during early access.