Hotel Magnate 2


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Build anything from a Fancy City Hotel to a Luxury Island Resort or even just a dirty Airport Hotel/Motel. Create the holiday destination of your dreams with restaurants, bars, conference rooms and all the logistical stuff in-between.


Manage everything in your Hotel by hand selecting staff, setting prices and adding in extras like a free breakfast. Set the rate that your rooms are cleaned and manage the quality of your restaurants and bars.


Market your Hotel with marketing campaigns and attract many different types of guests from Party-goers to Families to Business travelers and much more. Try to raise your Hotels rating with better customer experiences as you try to navigate your way to success


  • Build, furnish, and oversee your own multi-level hotel
  • Tend to your guests' needs and demands, and attract wealthier clientele by improving facilities and securing better ratings
  • Hire employees to clean, serve, manage, and maintain your hotel
  • Take control of the inner-workings of your hotel by managing room prices, wages, restaurants, and many other operations
  • Become adept at marketing to attract more types of guests and generate buzz

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@MarukageHD There will be some news coming soon 🙂

@montana_steel Yeah! Especially with the auto floor painting hotkey too.
It was becoming very tedious to paint every single segment

Furniture can now be snapped to walls! As well you can now auto paint a whole room with one hotkey! What do you think?

#gamedev #gaming #indiegame #indiegaming #indiegames #hotelmagnate

@JoeR247 @Kegmanplays There will be a form of guest vandalism.... so yes!

New blog update just in! come check it out, we talk about the new advances we have made with auto painting walls, AI and placing items on furniture!
#gamedev #gaming #indiegame #indiegaming #indiegames #hotelmagnate
TheHotelMagnate photo

Come check out our latest devblog where we talk about what has been happening in October!
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